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Clamping equipment for manual work

Schmalz solution for manual work – Multi-Clamp.

Product description

Multi-clamp can operate using compressed air or a vacuum. The standard dimensions are 160 × 160 mm, but for smaller details it can be divided by sealing rubber, and for larger details – use few of Multi-clamps.

The conical sealing rubber adapts to rough surfaces.

The workbench is mobile or it can be attached to the workplace mechanically- screwed or used in conjunction with a Schmalz stand. The stand allows you to machine the part at various angles and rotate it 360 degrees.


  • compressed air is present in almost every workplace, which is enough to use a Multi-clamp;

  • the set includes a spare conical sealing profile, connection for compressed air or vacuum (valve, hose, push-in fitting unit).